Employment Law  

J.P. Karsenty & Associés helps companies in negotiating and drafting employment contracts, in particular for their executives, and assists them in their strategic approach to the employment relationship.

The law firm represents its clients in litigation ong the performance and termination of employment contracts, as well as during settlement negotiations.

It assists clients in their dealings with employee representative bodies : organisation and oversight of workplace elections, information and consultation procedures.

J.P. Karsenty & Associés also provides its expertise in collective bargaining negotiations concerning employment policies and various company agreements (mandatory annual negotiations, employee profit-sharing schemes, working time accounts, etc.), as well as on issues concerning working time duration and arrangements.

- Drafting sensitive employment contract clauses : mobility, agreements defining working time duration in days/hours, performance-related scheme, non-compete clause

- Termination of the employment contract : dismissal, contractual or judicial termination, employee-initiated termination for breach

- Individual and collective redundancies : process and planning, litigation, redundancy plans, etc.

- Corporate transfers : voluntary/automatic employee transfers, individual and collective status of employees, terms of office for employee representative bodies

- Handling individual and collective disputes : workplace harassment, discrimination, working hours, staff and union representatives disputes, violations notified by the French Labour Department (health, safety, breaches of theLabour Code)

Lawyers practising in this field : Linda Capoano-Le Pen, Clémence Colin, Nathalie Tourrette, Alice Guizzetti


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