Distribution - Contract - Competition Law 

J.P. Karsenty & Associés offers its clients its expertise in the fields of distribution and competition law.

The law firm advises companies in the negotiation and drafting of distribution agreements (selective distribution, franchises, agency), as well as terms and conditions of sale, commercial conditions.

J.P. Karsenty & Associés represents its clients in litigation and pre-litigation matters concerning the performance and termination of commercial relationships with their partners.

The law firm appears before French and European courts as well as competition authorities in matters concerning anti-competitive practices (anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant positions) or restrictive practices (disputes with the administrative authorities concerning termination of commercial relationships, commercial conditions, payment deadlines, invoicing, selling at a loss, significant imbalances in commercial relationships, etc.). J.P. Karsenty & Associés is a member of the French Competition Study Association (AFEC).

- Negotiation and drafting of distribution agreements and terms and conditions of sale

- Litigation concerning distribution agreements and the termination of commercial relationships

- Proceedings before French and European courts as well as competition authorities : anticompetitive practices and restrictive practices

Lawyers practising in this field : Martine Karsenty-Ricard, Béatrice Moreau-Margotin, Jean-Philippe Arroyo, Maïa Merli, Tristan Montaigne, Inès Ferras, Pierre Trusson


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