Publication of the book "The Interplay between Competition Law and Intellectual Property” 

Martine KARSENTY-RICARD, with the collaboration of Maïa MERLI, has written an article published in a book published by WOLTERS KLUWER, under the leadership of Gabriella MUSCOLO, Commissioner at the Italian Competition Authority and former judge at the specialized Court for Intellectual Property and Competition Law in Rome, and Marina TAVASSI, President of the Court of Appeal in Milan.

The article has for title : “ Does the Application of the Exhaustion of Rights Doctrine in French Law Ensure a Balanced and Effective Compromise Between the Free Movement of Goods and the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights  ?”.

The book entitled “ The Interplay between Competition Law and Intellectual Property ” is available since few days written by a range of authors coming from various countries.

Here-enclosed the “flyer” allowing to order the book.



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